AC Block™ Kit3

AC Block™ Kit

The AC Block™ Kit provides an effective, high throughput tool for cryogenic grinding of samples. The kit includes two AC Blocks™, which are aluminum cooling blocks with absorbent inserts. When charged with liquid nitrogen (“LN2”), the AC Blocks™ release vapor and actively cool samples during the homogenization process. The lightweight block design reduces stress on plate homogenizers normally experienced when using solid aluminum cryogenic blocks. Each block holds 12 x 4 ml polycarbonate vials (included), whose durability makes them best-suited for cryogenic grinding.


Each AC Block™ Kit includes:

  • 2 AC Blocks™
  • 2 Replacement Absorbent Inserts
  • 48 x 4 ml Polycarbonate Vials
  • 48 x 4 ml Polyethylene Lined Screw Caps
  • 48 x 3/8" Stainless Steel Grinding Balls

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