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Genuine Nanostructured Graphene Powder & Related Products

Our Mission......
To connect and expand our business relationships with USA customers/resellers and qualified International Distributors worldwide basis to provide our ONE-STOP SHOPPING service for Genuine Nanostructured Graphene & related products.

We are the specialist in "sourcing" your Superconductive crystalline graphene (SGC) & graphene enhanced applications (products) needs. Our sales and technical customer service staff are fully qualified both for domestic and international business. We have access to the best graphene manufacturers at very competitive prices.

ICM International provides an economical service as your USA & global partner for mostly your needs. Your quotation requests are welcome at any time. We are always interested in finding and working with companies looking for Genuine Nanostructured Graphene & related products. 


ICM provides full range of Genuine Nanostructured Graphene & related products as well as so called New or Super hard materials.
Our Genuine Nanostructured Graphene & related products are fit to some applications in battery, fibers, pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotech, material sciences/engineering, semiconductors, electronics or other high-tech fields with special needs.


Services: laboratory products

Service Zone: Worldwide

Contact information: +1(925)324-1136
line ID: icmgraphene






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Service Zone:HK & Macao, China, S-E Asia, Japan & Korea, North America, Europe, Oceania, Nationwide