CryoGrinder™ System3

CryoGrinder™ System

The CryoGrinder™ System is your total solution for homogenizing, chilling and transporting small samples in-house.

An improvement on the traditional mortar and pestle, the CryoGrinder™ tools retain the strength and durability of porcelain, while adapting to the scale of molecular biology.  The CryoGrinder™ mortar and pestle were specifically designed to grind small and difficult tissues (e.g., skin, sclera) at cryogenic temperatures.  Their small design allows for grinding up to 100 mg of sample without excessive sample loss.  

A rechargeable, cordless wrench (screwdriver) assists in the grinding process.

The CryoGrinder System includes:

  • CryoCooler™
  • 8 CryoGrinder™ mortars
  • 16 CryoGrinder™ pestles
  • 2 mortar racks
  • 1 cordless wrench

While items may be purchased separately, this bundled product offering results in cost saving in excess of 15%.

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