TAS System

Thermal Cycler Temperature Validation System

Do your thermal cyclers perform at the correct temperatures? The TAS-System will tell you!


Product Information

TAS-System is a powerful tool that includes a control module with integrated real-time display, probe plates accommodating fixed or variable probes, and powerful PC software. It reliably analyzes data and automatically generates reports. To maximize flexibility and portability, Blue-Ray Biotech’s TAS-System offering comes with eight variable probes.

Features and Benefits

  • ​Simple, quick operation: Measure and analyse thermal cycler temperature performance in under 10 minutes, the TAS-System allows for visual comparison from test to test and enables performance tracking over the lifetime of the thermal cycler.
  • Flexibility: As well as its standard fixed probe plate, the TAS-System is offered with a variable probe plate option. This utilises individually interchangeable temperature probes that can be placed in any of its 96 well positions. Combined with leaded-probes, the variable probe plate offers yet further flexibility, becoming the ideal solution for testing of non-standard thermal cyclers.
  • Measurement integrity: Each interchangeable TAS probe is uniquely identified, allowing for the automatic detection of probe position, the application of specific calibration data for each probe, and a calibration expiry warning when relevant.

Multi-probe temperature acquisition system realizes rapid analysis and ensures high accuracy and uniformity.

801-000000-00 TAS Probe 1ea
801-000001-00 TAS Extended Probe 1ea
801-000002-00 TAS 96 variable probe plate 1ea
T01-000172-00 TAS system (TAS controller, TAS probe 8 ea, TAS reference probe 1 ea TAS variable probe plate 1ea, TAS Weight 1 ea, TAS Bellows 1 ea, Ribbon cable 1 ea, TAS PC Software 1 ea)

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