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Bio Grinder Automated Tissue Homogenizer and Cell Lyser

Typical samples include algae, corn, cell cultures, plants, animal tissue, bacteria, yeast, seeds and fruit. It is built to handle applications such as Plant and Tissue homogenization, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), QuEChERS, and RNA/DNA Extraction.


The Bio Grinder is the homogeneizer of choice for NGS or temperature sensitive RNA research works because of the unique and effective ‘time release’ LN (from LN pillow) ‘in-situ’ cooling. This would generate less fragmented DNA (than widely used pre-cooling blocks or mortar & pestle) and much better to preserve RNA, proteins, and temperature sensitive samples.


l   Automated mechanical disruption through bead beating, ideal for high-throughput cell lysis applications including NGS, DNA/ RNA extraction, protein extraction and pesticide residue analysis.

l   ‘Active cooling’ kit enables effective in-situ LN time- release cryogenic grinding for NGS & RNA and other temperature sensitive samples .

l   Basic AI function to provide an automatic rpm calibration at site

l   LCD display shows full run time and time remaining in minutes and seconds

l   Designed for vigorous up-and-down shaking of deep-well titer plates, vial sets, and centrifuge tubes

l   Adjustable clamp with a release button that allows users to secure vials or titer plates of various sizes

l   Typical sample processing time of 1-5 minutes


Hold up to 1000 samples, six 96 deep-well titer plates or 24 - 50mL centrifuge tubes

Grinding Beads

Varieties of grinding media such as Stainless steel Zirconium OxideTungsten CarbideGarneAnd different μm silica beads


Lyophilization ReagentsMicrobial Freeze Drying BufferFreeze Drying IndicatorLyophilization Excipients and DNA Extraction

AC Blocks™ generate less fragmented DNA than solid aluminum cryogenic blocks.

AC Block


**Research has shown that samples homogenized using the AC Block™ Kit result in less fragmented DNA compared to samples homogenized using other commercially-available cryogenic blocks. The “active cooling” design of the block allows for samples to hold cryogenic temperatures, which is imperative for the extraction of high quality DNA and RNA.

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